Priority Number One

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How do you prioritize your life? What guiding principles tell you where to invest your time and resources? In this RightNow training post, in partnership with the Soderquist Center, Bill Pollard, the retired CEO for Servicemaster, shares his story of learning how to make God his number one priority and radically change the way he thought about investment of his time and talent.

But first, watch this video illustration about making time for the things that truly last.

2 Corinthians 4:16–18 tells us to focus not on the temporal, but the eternal. Bill understands this and discusses good investment that produces a quality return.

Read Matthew 6:25–34. What does this passage tell you about the other things that we make priorities?
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What do you normally include in your list of priorities? Do you ever think of priority as a singular?
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How much time do you spend each week with work, family, church, recreation and other things? How much of this is a good investment that reflects your first priority?
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Remember that the quantity of time with our various commitments is not necessarily the most important factor. Consider "the intensity and the purpose and how you're using and investing your time."

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