Senior Pastor to Youth Pastor: The Gap Between

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Many youth pastors report that they feel a disconnect between themselves and the senior pastor. Nathan Shoultz, former youth pastor and current speaker for Word of Life Fellowship, understands this feeling and offers advice to both sides of this relational gap.

Whether you are the youth pastor, senior pastor or another church staff member, you should not wait for a 50/50 compromise when you see a problem. As Christians and church leaders, each of us should be willing to go 100% of the way towards initiating reconciliation and healthy relationships.

Do you experience a disconnect between yourself and other pastoral staff? Why does this gap exist? What part do you contribute to the gap?
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Is there an area of your ministry in which you have not taken initiative? What can you change now to become more prepared and proactive?
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How is God asking you to share your heart or offer accountability to another pastor?
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What is one practical thing you can do to grow the relationship between yourself and another pastor at your church?
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Look for opportunities to encourage your fellow pastors and grow together in the Lord. You work as partners in ministry, and you will be more effective as collaborators than individuals occupying the same building.

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