How to Grab the Attention of Children

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Just like adults, individual children have various learning styles. Sue Armbrecht, teacher and writer for Word of Life Fellowship, shares many practical ideas for engaging kids of all learning types with your messages and Bible studies.

Word of Life is focused on reaching young people around the world with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord.

We all realize that we have to know the Bible and understand the basics of theology to teach others, but we should also remember the benefit of applying creativity to our lessons. Partner these creative ideas with thoughtful planning for learning styles, ages and genders of the children you teach.

How do you normally plan your lessons? Have you gotten into a rut with your delivery style? Who can you ask to watch you teach and help you evaluate your instruction?
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Have you experienced trouble with engaging some of the kids in your children's ministry? Is there a particular learning style that you think you might be neglecting with your delivery method?
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Which of Sue's practical ideas sound like they will be a good help to you? When and how will you apply them to your ministry?
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Notice that Sue had various creative ideas, but they always came back to getting the kids into Scripture. Keep your ultimate goal for the children in mind as you prepare to teach them God's Word.

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