How to Encourage Children to Grow in Their Faith

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The church typically teaches accountability for teenagers, but we rarely see attempts to create accountability for elementary aged children. Kevin Gregory, from Word of Life Fellowship, teaches his method for Sunday School teachers to encourage  children in their young walks through solid accountability.

Kevin serves as a Local Church Missionary for Word of Life Fellowship and his passion is to reach today's youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training.

With your students' age group, what system will you encourage them to use to help them with daily devotionals and Scripture memory?
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With what age appropriate service can you help your students engage? How much will you help during this service, and how will you express the need for their participation?
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Kevin has described a great accountability system to help children move from habit and routine to holiness and righteousness. He posed three questions that this training will help you answer. Interact with his questions here as you think about specifics regarding your ministry involvement.

What does effective accountability look like?
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Can my church improve its accountability?
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What role do [can, should] I play?
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Remember that the ultimate goal of accountability is to help these children become more like Christ. Spent a great deal of time in prayer that this time becomes more than a  routine.

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