Get Students Off the Bench and into the Game

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Kevin Gregory, Word of Life Fellowship, uses the analogy of coaching a sport to communicate his method for helping struggling Christian teenagers to embrace their faith in Christ and actively serve him. 

Kevin serves as a Local Church Missionary for Word of Life Fellowship and his passion is to reach today's youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training.

When you are helping a young man or woman who has entered a spiritual valley, you can follow Kevin's 3 C's.
  1. Calculate - Evaluate the real core of issue and what Scripture has to offer for the situation. 
  2. Coach - Sit with the student, show them what Scripture says, and help them plan how they will apply God's Word to their situation.
  3. Cheer - Encouraging them to take responsibility for their own growth and watch them apply God's Word.

With which of the 3 C's do you do the best? Which is most difficult for you?
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Put this strategy into practice so that you will be ready and familiar with this method when you next help a student with a moral issue. Imagine that you have been approached by a student who has revealed to you one of the following issues. Use this specific problem to answer the questions in this post.
  • physical boundaries with boyfriend/girlfriend
  • internet pornography
  • drug or alcohol use
  • fear to reveal faith at school
  • depression
  • questioning God's love
  • questioning God's existence
  • engaging in bullying
If you are already engaged with a student who is victim to one of these things, then use that for this exercise and keep him/her in mind.

Calculate. What is the real core problem behind this issue? Why do you think the student is involved in this activity? What passages from Scripture will be a help to him/her?
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Coach. How can you share these things with that student? What will you advise him/her to include in the plan for growth and return to the Lord? How will you use the Scripture you chose in the Calculate step?
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Cheer. What will you do to follow up? How will you encourage him/her to take this return to a faithful walk seriously?
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Once the game starts, the coach has to watch his players perform. With your students, hopefully, you have put them in position to have victory in their spiritual lives.

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