Caring for the Kids of Divorce

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When parents divorce, their children often suffer as the biggest victims. Ellen Garland, from Word of Life Fellowship, gives us cues to look for the detrimental effects of divorce in the lives of these kids, and then she shares three things a loving adult can do to help a teen who is dealing with divorce.

Before we hear Ellen teach, watch this short video about the hardship that divorce can cause the kid who is stuck between two split parents.

Valena loves both her parents, but received negative pressure from both to dislike the other. She said she was frustrated by not knowing which one to trust. 

Listen as Ellen Garland talks about the great help a youth worker can do by caring for a student like Valena and helping her to find stability. Ellen served as the Dean of Women at the Word of Life Bible Institute for five years where she used her heart for one-on-one mentoring and teaching Biblical principles.

The family unit is supposed to reflect the character of God, but divorce has a disillusioning effect, primarily on the sons and daughters of freshly broken homes. We have a special opportunity to  help these kids. Ellen made three suggestions.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Show them the biblical value of marriage
  • Show them that you value them.

How many students in your group have been affected by divorce? Are you in good communication with them? What can you do better to help them walk through this difficult process?
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What are some "right questions" that you can ask the teens you know whose parents have divorced?
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Read Ephesians 1. If you are having a conversation with a teen whose parents have just split, how will you use this chapter to encourage him or her?
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Like Ellen said, be a bulldog in your commitment to these kids. The love that you show them during this time will make an enormous positive difference for them as they cope with their circumstances.

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