How to Get Your Students to Read the Bible

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Ray Deck, from Word of Life Fellowship, explains how to move students from spiritual habits to genuine, godly desire to know Jesus. Many youth workers encounter frustration because students will not get excited about Bible study and prayer, and Ray shares his plan for helping them grow in those desires.

Before you hear from Ray, listen to Emily's story about her frustration with finding time for God amidst all of her other interests.

Emily's story probably sounds a lot like many of the teens in your youth group. In this clip, Ray explains that the problem is not really about time, but desire.

We all want our students to want to study, not feel forced to. The truth behind the matter, however, is that those who force themselves to study and develop a quiet time habit will eventually turn the habit to a desire.

Imagine a continuum from "no Bible reading at all" up to "constant self-motivated growth and memorization." Where do you think most of your students fall? Did Ray's description of the typical problem seem to describe many of your students?
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Where do you personally fall on that continuum? Why are you in the place that you are with study and time with the Lord? Is this place of study reflected in your behavior?
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Ray said that exposure to claims for truth influence most of what we believe. From where in our culture are students influenced in their beliefs?
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How will you relevantly communicate what you have learned in this post to the students you work with?
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Help your students change their desires by introducing new inputs, and you'll help them change their behavior.

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