Helping Your Kids Grow in Their Faith

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God created the family to be the primary place where faith and character are formed, but many parents feel ill-equipped to nurture faith in their children. Phil Vischer, Creator of VeggieTales and Founder of, talks about the parents' role and offers simple tips in helping your kids grow in their faith.

Before we hear from Phil, watch how these fathers discuss the importance of passing core values down to their children.

Do your conversations about sports have more passion than your conversations about faith? It doesn't have to be that way! Phil Vischer gives some encouragement and insight on how we can confidently and comfortably direct our children towards God's truth. 

Phil is the Founder of Jellyfish Labs and the creator and storyteller behind VeggieTales and What's in the Bible?. He is the author of the popular children’s books Sidney and Norman and 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea. And he's a dad!

First, let's look at the parents' role vs. the church's role in discipling children.

What has been your role in teaching your kids about God?

Choose one

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What are the ages of your children and where are they in their faith?
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What is your most pressing question about how to help your children grow in their faith? How can we help?
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As Phil pointed out, parents must take the lead in spiritually discipling their kids. Let's talk about why your role is so important. 

Phil encouraged parents to go with their kids on the journey; to see the world through spiritual eyes. Think of a recent everyday conversation you've had with your child. In the car. At the zoo. During a movie. What are some simple ways you could bring a faith perspective or your own faith to the conversation?
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You are the #1 influence on your kids and time spent with you has more impact than any other time. They are watching you!

Think of the last crisis you went through. Illness? Death of family or friend? Simple bad mood or rotten day? What did your kids see in you that spoke of your faith? How did you talk to them about what you were going through?
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How could you have changed your reaction or conversation that would make God more real to them? How can you expose your kids to your own maturing faith?
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Along with letting your kids see your own faith journey, there are resources  that can also initiate conversations and get your children into the truths of the Bible. 

Phil encouraged parents to use resources that give a big picture of Scripture. How are you getting your kids familiar with the Bible? What are you using now that you like?
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The best way to raise your kids to be the people God wants them to be is for you yourself to be the person God wants you to be and bring them along on the journey. 

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