Is Your Good Work an Idol?

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What are some obstacles that we face as we strive to do "faithful" work in the marketplace? Phil Vischer, writer, animator and creator of VeggieTales, talks about his own success and failure as he tried to make an impact for Christ.

We can be our own obstacle so a question to ask is: Are you worshipping work? Take a look at this funny illustration and see.

That video is a clever challenge not to worship our work, but to use our talents and skills in the marketplace where God called us. 

Listen as Phil Visher talks about how the downfall of his company, Big Idea Productions, brought him closer to God. Phil is the Founder of Jellyfish Labs and the creator and storyteller behind VeggieTales and What's in the Bible? He is also the author of the popular children’s books Sidney and Norman and 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea.

Phil said that he made "the work he did for God more important than his relationship with God." Take an honest look at your own life and relationship with God. Is this true or false in your own life? Why?
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Phil also talked about how he found his identity in the good work he was doing. How do you determine your identity? Is it in your work? Your family? Your wealth? How you look? What is your "idol"?
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Have you let any identity, other than your identity in Christ, affect your decisions? What do you need to do to change?
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After he lost everything, Phil explained that he now keeps on track by asking these two questions each day. "God, what have you called me to do today? Am I doing it?

How do you answer those two questions today?
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Phil left us with this thought from his experience. Don't focus on impact; focus on obedience!

Even though Big Idea Productions was auctioned in bankruptcy, Phil is still involved in VeggieTales through its current owner and continues to integrate his faith and work in a variety of original programming created toward helping kids grow in their Christian faith. 

You can watch the What's in the Bible? with Buck Denver series with your kids  in your RightNow Bible Study library or click here.

If you'd like to read more about Phil's journey, you can find Me, Myself and Bob by Phil Vischer here.