Move Students from Spectators to Participants

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Brian Summerall is going to explain how to move students from spectators to participants so they are engaged in the gospel.  Brian has been on the staff of Young Life for over 25 years and is the Director of Ministry Strategy. He travels the country training staff and volunteers to reach more students in existing ministries.

You may have faithful students who are involved in leading music, performing skits and organizing games, but do they know why they are up front? Before we hear from Brian, take a look at this funny video about a young musician who volunteers his talent with less than spiritual intentions.

 That is obviously not why anyone should lead worship! Do your students know why they are leading? Listen as Brian Summerall talks about making your youth ministry successful.

You can also download "Mr. Like to Play Worship Music" by searching the title, click "Download Illustration" and show it to your students as you discuss the purpose of ministry.

Do you students know the "why" of each element of your youth program? How are you explaining it to them?
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Brian explained that the success of a youth ministry was getting a kid off the back row, watching them becomes engaged with others and then the gospel—moving from spectator to participant. How is this happening in your gatherings? Is there anything that needs to change?

As you make sure the students who are natural leaders know why they are singing, leading, performing and organizing, Brian also encourages youth leaders to include the "I could never" student. Who are those in your group? How can you encourage each one in their own way to become participants?
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As you defeat each "I could never" excuse on the real-world level, you break down the "I could never" spiritual excuses. And that's when the conversations get exciting and transformation happens!

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