Healthy and Unhealthy Ways to Think about Radical Living

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Is comparing how radical we live to others healthy or unhealthy? David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and best-selling author of Radical talks about the healthy and unhealthy ways to think about radical living.

David explained that it is dangerous to compare ourselves to others when it simply makes us feel better or worse about ourselves. How do you view the way you are living for Christ? Are you looking for God's leading or do you fall into comparing yourself to others? How can you focus more on what God would have you to do and be?
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David also explained that the Church is designed to spur each other on, which is healthy. He gave the example that biographies of other people encourage him. Who or what spurs you on? How can you add that encouragement into your spiritual growth?
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We have to avoid unhealthy comparison that leads to legalism and even competition and pride. It misses the whole point of the gospel.

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