Dealing with Criticism

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It can be difficult to receive critical remarks. Are they valid assessments or an expression of disapproval?  In this 2-minute video, Dr. Barbara Neumann talks about a good way to handle criticism. Barbara is an adjunct professor in the Christian Education Dept. at Dallas Theological Seminary and co-authored a book on mentoring.

Barbara reminded us that anyone who steps up to lead will face criticism at some point. Describe a time you were. What did they say? How did it make you feel about your methods or calling in leadership? Do you think it was valid? How did you respond? Does it still "sting"?
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Barbara encouraged us to process the situation with someone. Who can you process this with who could give you experienced counsel?
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With valid criticism, re-thinking our methods is necessary. Where could you make some adjustments?
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Don't shrink back from criticism. Criticism is not a dispute of your calling, but a chance to find godly ways to think, respond and grow in your leadership style and methods.