God is Enough

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In Ecclesiastes, a man gets everything he could ever want and it's not enough. In Job, a man gets everything he has taken away and finds out that God is enough. We live somewhere in the middle of Ecclesiastes and Job.  It has become so  easy in our culture to focus on ourselves, that we often go overboard. We can think that we are entitled. Watch this three-minute inspiration spoken word piece by Amena Brown to regain some perspective.

In this next video, Pastor Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church near Dallas, talks about our human dilemma and how God is enough to cure all our desires. 

When suffering comes, do you know that God is enough? And when good times come, do you still know that He is enough?
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What can you do in your daily life to remind you that God is enough?
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Matt talked about the important role that our union with Christ plays in tempering our desires and understanding that God is enough. What does your union with Christ look like? Do you have a regular, scheduled time that you are able to sit and be with Christ?
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Take some time to read 2 Corinthians 12:1–10. Jot down some notes and spend some time in prayer. Be sure to thank God that His grace is sufficient for you.