Two Essential Perspectives on the Gospel

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Have you ever had an awkward encounter when trying to share your faith? Hopefully it went better than it did for this guy. Take a minute to watch a quick video of someone who needed a little help sharing their faith.

Sometimes people feel inadequate to share their faith because they don't really understand the gospel. In this three-minute video, Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor of The Village Church near Dallas, gives a great explanation of two essential perspectives on the gospel. 

What do you think is the greatest danger in viewing the gospel from only one perspective, whether that is in the air or on the ground?
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What can you gain by viewing the gospel from both perspectives, in the air and on the ground?
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How can you meet the physical needs of people (air), while also focusing on the spiritual needs (ground)?
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Take some time to pray about the ramifications of viewing the gospel from both of these perspectives in your ministry. Ask God to give you insight into how you can uphold both the gospel on the ground and in the air.