Balancing Work & Family

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How can you resolve the tension between work and family? Take a look at, a successful internet connectivity business. Co-founders, Henry Kaestner and David Morkin share how their work/life/family balance philosophies and practices follow Christian values. They work hard, play hard and serve others. sets a standard of time and values that build into each employee. They have not sacrificed family for success. And they haven't sacrificed success for family. What do you take away from this story? Are there any similarities in your own context?
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Listen to Durwood Snead, Pastor at North Point Church in Atlanta, as he talks about the importance of family as a priority and balancing time. Durwood brings 26 years of business experience into his professional ministry role.

All of life is a balance and sometimes that balance is off. What are your priorities? Is your life in balance or out of balance?
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Would your family say they are a priority in your life? Why or why not?
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How do you make your family know they are a priority? What do you need to change?
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Make intentional decisions every day on how to use your time.  

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