Small Group Leaders can Encourage Business Leaders

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Small Group/Sunday School leaders have a tremendous opportunity with the business people in their group. Durwood Snead, Pastor at North Point Church in Atlanta, talks about the the ways that small group leaders can equip and encourage people in the marketplace to make a difference.

People "do life" together in small groups and the leader is so important as he/she provides and facilitates growth and direction. How are you equipping your small group leaders?
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How are do the staff and small group leaders help people figure out why God has placed them in their specific spheres of influence? How are the people in small groups encouraged to search for how God will use them?
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Durwood talked about how we are each called to be a blessing (caring for others) and called to introduce truth (gospel). How are the people you lead living this out? How can they inspire others to do the same?
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Take a moment to pray for those in the front lines of ministry outside the walls of the church. May we all deliver God's Blessing and Truth.

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