Just 3 Questions about Leadership featuring Matt Chandler

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Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a great leader? In the Just 3 Questions series, we’ve asked some of today’s top leaders three simple questions about leadership.

Matt Chandler is the Lead Pastor of The Village Church near Dallas. In this first video, he answers, “Who is the best leader you have ever sat under and why were they so good?”

Matt Chandler talked about three different leaders who influenced him over the past several decades. The first was a youth minister who modeled discipline. What are some practical ways you are demonstrating a disciplined life to those you lead?
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Matt was also influenced by Steve's "zeal and passion for the Lord." Considering the importance of the gospel message, how do you demonstrate your passion for God as you lead? Are you "contagious"?
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Matt mentioned how impacted he was by Pastor David's lifestyle of prayer. How often do you lead your team in prayer? And not just a simple prayer before you "get down to business" but where prayer is "the business" at hand? Do your people see you as someone who constantly goes before the Lord for guidance? Why or why not?
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Matt said something really important near the end. He said that none of them really set up formal "discipleship" training, but they were available and let Matt be near them and just hang out together. Are you accessible to the next generation of leaders in your context? Do you allow others to have access to you so that they can absorb healthy traits just from being around you? Why or why not? What might you change here?
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In this next clip, Matt answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop leaders?”

Matt gave us a three pronged approach to developing other leaders.

  • Identify their gifts.
  • Give them freedom to run.
  • Engage their hearts.

What do you thing of that list? In what ways are you already doing this? How else might you implement this idea in your context?
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In this next video, Matt answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop yourself as a leader?”

Matt said that one way he develops his own leadership is to learn from as many people as possible. Who are you currently learning from? What are they teaching you?
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Matt also said that he gets away from the crowd at least once a month. How often do you step away to "realign your heart?" Why is this so important?
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Matt mentioned that he's one of three main pastors at his church, and that he's "not the king." How do you keep yourself accountable? If you are the only lead pastor at your church, which other pastors in the area are you meeting with regularly? Who pushes you to keep growing?
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In this final "bonus" clip, Matt answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to strengthen your Christian faith on a daily basis?”

Matt takes very seriously what the Bible says about being a qualified leader of the church. How is your own relationship with the Lord? How are you doing at leading your family? What is God prompting you to change?
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Matt talked about preaching to himself, about memorizing Scripture, about being accountable, and about praying throughout the day. What do you do to keep your relationship with God vibrant? How often do you take your own spiritual "temperature"?
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While no two people lead in exactly the same way, there are sound leadership principles that can help you become all the leader God has planned you to be. May God grant you wisdom and grace as you lead others in His service.