SESSION 4 MARK 3:7 - 4:34



Main Idea: True disciples have a heart condition that is committed to God’s kingdom rather than the applause of people.

Head Change: To recognize that discipleship is about advancing the kingdom of God.

Heart Change: To feel confidence in our acceptance through Jesus.

Life Change: To work at bearing fruit in keeping with our discipleship. 

When you first came to know Christ and followed him, what did you imagine he would ask of you? What sort of sacrifices or adventures? What strange lands or people did you expect to be asked to serve for God? How did you react to those ideas?
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What sort of followers were the primary focus of Jesus’s ministry?
What did Jesus require of those who wanted to follow him?
What kind of “crop” will true disciples produce?
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What sets the disciples apart from the crowds following Jesus?
Think about that for a second. If you were to pursue true discipleship, what would you stand to lose? Are you okay with that?
Take a minute or two and think about how Francis presented the two groups of people: the called-out disciples and the crowds. If you were to look at your life honestly, which group would you belong to?
What’s one thing this week you can begin to surrender to Jesus in order to better embrace the call of discipleship?
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Read each of the passages. What similarities do you notice between 3:7–12 and 22–30, as well as between 3:13–21 and 31–35?
Note especially the main characters in each vignette apart from Jesus.

What’s the irony in the way those two passages work together? What do you think Mark is trying to say about the scribes?
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In your own words, describe the dangers of each of the problematic soils. Path, Rocky Places and Thorns.
Jesus is describing discipleship, a journey that is constantly challenged. Choose one of the soils in the parable and apply it to someone today. If he or she were like the soil with thorns, for instance, what might be happening in that person’s life? Use your imagination.
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