Building a Stable of Kingdom Thoroughbreds

2012 RightNow Conference

In this 37 minute session from the 2012 RightNow Conference, Dave Ramsey talks about building a stable of Kingdom thoroughbreds in your business, church or organization. Dave is a personal money-management expert and popular national radio personality. He is the author of best-selling books including Financial Peace, EntreLeadership, and The Total Money Makeover. Dave gives three things that a leader should do to build a great team. 

Direction is everything. A leader needs to have a clear idea where they are headed to build a successful team. Take a look at this short video. 

Every successful team has a leader worth following. Consider your own leadership as you strive to build the best team. What are your goals?  Who have you chosen to be on your team?

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead.

Dave candidly talked about his own life journey, admitting that the first time he built his business in his own power, he lost it all by the age of 26. He then realized he needed to surrender every part of his life and work to God and use biblical principles. His company The Lampo Group, has grown from a one-man show to a thriving business employing 350 team members.

What does your life/work journey look like? Are there times when you've worked in your own power? What were the results? What have you surrendered to God? What are the results? Where do you struggle the most?
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Dave gave this list of 3 things you have to do to build a stable of Kingdom thoroughbreds:
  1. Create a culture of excellence
  2. Do Christian hiring
  3. Create unity

Take an honest look at the attitude and quality of your team. Are they excellent? Why or why not? Have you created a culture of excellence? Is there something that needs to change?
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How are your leading/treating your team? Are you a servant leader? How do you balance the demand for excellence with available grace?
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What is your hiring procedure? Does the quality and success of the people you've hired show that you are screening for the right person for the appropriate position?
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Dave does a budget with any prospective new hire to make sure that they can live on what he pays to prevent bitterness and resentment down the line. What do you think of that practice? How could that be helpful in your context?
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Dave said that all major hiring decisions require a social interview that includes a spouse. Are there some "hiring mistakes" you could have avoided with that practice? How can that be helpful in your context?
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Is there a "problem" person on your team? What do you think is the issue and how have you addressed it? Does God have another assignment for them and you would be blessing them with release? How can you do that in a kind, gentle and firm way?
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Dave shared the enemies of unity with these 5 points:
1. Poor communication
2. No tolerance for gossip
3. Unresolved disagreements
4. Shared purpose
5. You can't sanction incompetence

Take a look at that list. Are any of these a problem in an individual or with the team as a whole? What will you do this week for the sake of the people you lead and your organization to create unity?
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How have you allowed any "enemies to unity" to fester in your team? What do you need to communicate to change the direction of your team?
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If you are going through this teaching and not an owner, supervisor or manager in a business, church or organization, how will this change the way you view and conduct your own work? What can you take back to the leaders in your organization to be a positive influence?
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Be a leader that is learning, growing and transforming your mind and go build a stable of Kingdom thoroughbreds. A servant leader is intentional, kind, decisive and strong. 

Meekness is not weakness. It is power under control.   ~Warren W. Wiersbe

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