Work as Worship

2011 RightNow Conference

God does not divide our lives into secular and sacred spheres; we are engaged in sacred activity while we are on the job. In this 50-minute session from the 2011 RightNow Conference, JR Vassar, Lead Pastor of Apostles Church in New York City, will challenge us to equip people to be on mission in their greatest missional context—where they work.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your ministry.

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How are we encouraging and equipping people to make an impact in their workplace? Do they/you feel validated? How can we validate those who are working outside the walls of our church?
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JR Vassar looked to Ephesians 6 to explain that work is good and part of God’s pre-fall plan for humanity. What is the message we convey about work? Do we convey a message that divides the sacred and the secular? How can we change that message?
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How can we encourage people to actively live out their faith in the workplace? How do we lead people to proclaim salvation in their vocation, communities and homes?
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JR cautions us to work to worship and to not worship our work. We must not get our identity from our work. Do you know people who get their identity from what they do? Is that limited to those who work outside the church? How can we better lead people to find their identity in Christ?
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David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby shared how he uses the talents and resources God gave him to advance the mission of Jesus. How are we equipping and validating business leaders to serve where God has placed them in the marketplace? When we ask people like David to serve in the church, are we intentional about using them within their skills and abilities?
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People often see their job as a distraction from true ministry. There are 168 hours in a week. Most people are in church for only 1 to 3 hours. We know that whatever God is going to do, he is going to do it through his people.
We will accelerate the mission of Jesus when we equip and encourage people for mission during the hours they spend away from the church, in their communities and their workplace.

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