The Leader's Energy Source

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In this 13 minute session from the 2012 Work as Worship Conference, Dr. John Townsend, talks about five sources that business leaders need to give them energy. John is a business consultant, leadership coach, clinical psychologist and best-selling author. His most recent release is Leadership Beyond Reason

Is your work a form of worship or are you worshipping work? Take a look at this clever video.

God has called you to use your skills and talents in the marketplace. Are you energized or drained when you face your workweek? Are you denying your energy needs? How do you access the resource you need to do what you've been called to do?

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you view and conduct your work.

John talked about the red flags that signal you have energy problems; cranky at home, spending more time on FB or watching TV than you'd like, don't have the "mojo" you once had, as soon as you finish a vacation you are planning the next. Which of those resonate with you? Are you feeling depleted?
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John listed 5 sources that business leaders need to give them energy.
  1. God
  2. People
  3. Self care
  4. Work
  5. Service

Our direct, vertical, worshipful relationship with God will give us energy, but John said that many leaders see God as a duty and obligation. Is that true in your relationship with God? Explain.
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Consider John's tip: Tell God, "I want to want you" and ask for His help in your daily relationship with Him.

Leaders are resourcing, managing, directing, guiding, developing and supervising people all day long. What does your day look like? Who do you have that builds into you?
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Consider John's tip: Ask for help from someone who can:
  • Provide safety - You are able to download without having to edit.
  • Gets it - They listen, understand and don't give advice.
  • Encourage - They know you can figure it out; they believe in you.

We all know that we need to eat right, stay healthy and get enough rest, but do we? Do you feel like you are adequately taking care of your personal health needs? Why or why not?
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Consider John's tip: Find someone who will make sure you follow through in taking care of yourself and provide accountability.

John said that "hard work from your core gives you energy." How does your position utilize what you are passionate about and trained for?
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Consider John's tip: Make sure you are working in the gifts and talents God gave you, not what you should be or what someone said you would be good at.

You and I are not complete until we're giving back. You can't just make a difference in your work and by writing a check, even though both are important. What do you do to give back? What are you personally involved in?
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Consider John's tip: Give back in some kind of "hands-on" way.

Your energy comes when you fill up those battery cells with what God  meant in your relationship with Him, your relationship with others, taking care of yourself, working from your core passion and giving back in a hands-on way.

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