Is Your Ministry Gospel-Centered?

2012 RightNow Conference

In this 47 minute session from the 2012 RightNow Conference, J.D. Greear, Lead Pastor of The Summit Church in the Raleigh-Durham area, explains how the power of the gospel is not just how we begin in Christ, it's how we grow in Christ.

Take a look at this video as Amena Brown captures the reality of the gospel in Jesus' great sacrifice and love for all mankind.

Is your ministry centered on the awe of what Christ has done for us? How is the gospel transforming the lives of the people you lead?

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your own ministry.

J.D. talked about the two ways that life-change happens: 
  • 1. External - pressure (example of bending a pipe by coercion pressure) 
  • 2. Internal - organic (example of bending a pipe from the core with heat)

External pressure to change does not last. Using the analogy of a balloon that a pastor has to bat back up in the air each week, or the internal helium keeps it afloat, how are you leading people to change? Are you smacking them back in line each week or are they soaring spiritually with hearts captured by God?
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Read Romans 1:18–31. J.D. focused on verse 23 and explained that the gospel's goal is to change our hearts and the core obstacle is a worship problem. He admitted that his "idol" is desiring the approval of others. His idol manifests as worry, jealousy, overwork, and deceit.

What are you worshipping? What are you "giving weight" to? How does that idol manifest itself in your life?
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Read Matthew 22:37, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Titus 2:11–12, and John 8:11. If we worship our way into sin, we are going to have to worship our way out of sin. What can you do this week to enlarge your passion for God?
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J.D. said, "The essence and distinctiveness of the gospel message is that God's acceptance is the power that liberates us from sin, not the reward for us liberating ourselves." How does that line up in your own life? How does that line up in what you teach and present to the people you lead?
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J.D. said, "The gospel is not just how you begin in Christ, it's how you grow in Christ." How do the people you lead perceive their lives in relation to this statement? Is there anything you need to change in your message?
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J.D. gave examples of denominational "rules" with the caution that even good things can misplace the centrality of the gospel. What "rule" is pushing the truth of the gospel out of proportion in your context? How will you make it a "good thing" and not the "best thing"?
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Write down your answers and reasoning to the two questions J.D posed: Are you teaching from acceptance or toward acceptance? Is the hero of the Bible always the hero of your teaching?
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We are not changed by being instructed in what we are to do for God, we are changed by standing in awe of what he's done for us. The power to do what God tells us to do comes from the cross … the glory of what God has done on our behalf.

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