Surrendering Your Family for Christ

2012 RightNow Conference

In this 38 minute session from the 2012 RightNow Conference, Afshin Ziafat, Lead Pastor of Providence Church in Frisco, Texas, talks about leading your family to live a surrendered life to Christ.

What will your kids remember about life with you? What do they know about your faith? In this moving video, a boy's magic viewfinder helps him see pivotal moments in his family's past.

We must be intentional in the daily moments about raising our children in our faith. If Sunday School is the only place they learn about God, the picture is incomplete.  

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your own life and family.

Afshin talked about the importance of leading our families to live a surrendered life to Christ (others before self, Christ above all). He shared his own life of surrender when he had to actually surrender his family for Christ; choosing Christ over his family. How do you live out and instill faith in your family? What does it look like on a daily basis?
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Afshin referred to Hebrews 13:7–9 to show three ways to instill a surrendered life. Consider re-reading that passage.

  • 1. Lead by speaking the truth
  • 2. Our lives line up with truth
  • 3. They will imitate our faith

What do you struggle with in that list? Which one makes you say, "yes, but …" Why?
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Read Romans 10:17. How are you building your own faith in the word? How are you teaching truth to your family?
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How has the gospel changed the way you live? How does your family see the gospel in you?
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Read Matthew 16:24. What have you had to surrender to follow Christ? Afshin surrendered the approval of his father. Are you running after any other treasure?
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Afshin gave the memorable picture of Noah's faith and the many years it took to build the ark. He said that every time people saw the ark, they knew of Noah's faith. What is the ark in your life that reveals your faith? What kind of faith is your family seeing in your struggles?
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Afshin told the story of Lot, who spoke words of faith but didn't model it. So in Genesis 19:14, when Lot tried to warn his family of God's punishment, they did not believe him. Does your conversation and life match? Is there anything you need to go before the Lord or your family about?
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Afshin told his own story of struggle, when God stripped so much out of his own life and he suffered from panic attacks. But God redeemed that time of struggle in his brother's need. What has been redeemed in your life? What struggles has God used to make himself known?
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To live a life of sacrifice—others before self, Christ above all—we must speak it and live it out because they will imitate us. Jesus is enough.

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