The Influence of a Ministry Wife

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As you love and support your husband, your influence has the power to help or harm the ministry that God has purposed. Kathy Litton, Director of Flourish, gives some positive and negative ways a wife can impact her husband in ministry.  

In this first clip, Kathy talks about the five ways a wife can have a positive influence.

Take a moment to look back at this list that Kathy talked about: 
  • 1. Personal Spiritual Passion 
  • 2. Godly Character 
  • 3. Healthy Biblical Love 
  • 4. Share His Vision 
  • 5. Wisdom

Which of these come more easily in your relationship? What do you notice in the marriage and ministry when you've practiced any of these? Are there any on that list that you are struggling with?
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Take a moment to read Proverbs 31:11. Do you know that your husband trusts and respects you? Why or why not?
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How are you encouraging your husband in his vision? What can you do this week to let him know of your prayer and support?
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There are also negative ways a wife can influence her husband. And we know that it will affect our family and ministry. Kathy talks about five of these in this next clip.

Take a moment to reflect on this list that can create negative influence:   
  • 1. Indirect 
  • 2. Undisciplined with our Emotions 
  • 3. Arrogance  
  • 4. Discontentment  
  • 5. Fail to Encourage

Are there any that you are struggling with? Are there any on this list that you need to have an honest conversation about with your husband? How can I pray for you?
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Kathy talked about the danger of complaining, criticizing, comparing and controlling. Read Philippians 4:12. How can your conversation this week be authentic and encouraging to your husband?
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What do you love about your husband? What can you do this week to communicate to your husband your love, admiration and respect of him?
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Your marriage is a testimony to others about Christ. Your love is a picture of God's love. Your oneness is a picture of the oneness we can have with God. May God bless your marriage as you partner together in God's plan to reconcile the world to Him.

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