Invest in Your Marriage

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There are a lot of challenges in raising children whether you are in ministry or not. How do we make sure to honor and love our families? Take a look at this moving video.

What will your family remember? Jimmy Scroggins, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church West Palm Beach, gives encouragement and advice to church planters about the importance of keeping marriage and family a top priority.

Does your spouse feel that they are #1 in your life, humanly speaking? Why or why not? What can you do today to improve your relationship?
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Does your family feel that they are a priority in your life? Why or why not? What can you do today to improve your relationships with your children?
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How do you intentionally disciple your children? What does that look like on a daily basis?
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Jimmy reminded us, "If you have a relationship with Christ, love from your spouse, the respect of your kids, and a calling from God; you have all you need to do what God wants."

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