3 Tips for Building Trust and Credibility

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Trust and credibility are essentials for success. In this training post, Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation and author of Good Idea. Now What? gives 3 practical tips for building trust and credibility in your organization or ministry.

Charles had three recommendations:
  • 1. Focus On Quality
  • 2. Curate Good Content
  • 3. Convene Great Conversations

Let's look at each of these three points. How do you rate quality in your organization or ministry? How are you doing in this area? One thing Charles said about quality is that you have to be clear about your vision. How have you communicated a clear vision to others?
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Charles talked about the importance of welcoming content from others and knowing what's out there. What do you do to stay up to date on your area or ministry? What book should you read, resource should you get, or person should you talk with to continue your growth in this area?
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How might you "convene great conversations"? Who else in your area does what you do? How can you connect with them? How can modern technology help you connect with others in your area?
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And in all things, always operate with integrity and humility, knowing that it's God who we are ultimately working for. Nothing kills an organization or ministry faster than a leader who tries to cut corners, is dishonest, or becomes puffed up with pride. Be a leader that brings God glory!

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