Sharing the Gospel on Your Mission Trip

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As you are preparing to go on your mission trip one of the most important aspects of your preparation is in determining the best way to share your faith. In this clip, Todd Phillips explains the basic truth of the gospel so that you have the right foundation for sharing your faith. Todd is the Founder of The Last Well and works with Christian mission agencies in Liberia. 

Todd had four main points in answering the question: What is the gospel?
  1. Everyone has sinned 
  2. Christ is the only way 
  3. Jesus rose from the dead 
  4. Salvation is a free gift

Take a moment and reflect on the wonderful truth of the gospel message. What part of the gospel has the most impact on you?
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Do you feel prepared to share the gospel? Is there anything keeping you from sharing your faith more frequently?
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In this video, Todd talks about the importance of understanding the culture that we will share our faith in and answers the question: how do we share the gospel in different cultural contexts?

Todd gave us three tips that work in any cultural context: 
  1. Tell your own story 
  2. Listen to their story 
  3. Share what the Bible says

Tell me your story. When did you come to know Jesus as your personal savior? Where were you? Who told you about Jesus? Share anything you want to...
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As you you look back at how you shared your story in the previous answer, how much of the story is about "you" and how much is about God? What parts of the gospel would you make sure to tell as you tell the story of your faith journey?
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Sharing your faith is a crucial element to your mission trip. I hope you will rest in the truth that God will give you the power and strength to share His story! I will be praying for you and your team as you spread the name and fame of Jesus!