Why Clarity is Important

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Every occupation requires mastery of certain tools in order to be effective. In this training post, Christ Mavity, the Growth Group Pastor at North Coast Church in San Diego, CA will help us see how clarity is a vital ingredient for ministry success.

In this first video, Chris defines clarity.

Chris said clarity is a leader's most versatile tool. What does he mean by that? Why is clarity so important to your ministry, work, or small group?
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Take a moment to think about the context you are in and the people you are leading. Are you clear about what you are doing, why it's important and how you are going to get it done? Can you write out three simple sentences below that articulate the what, why, and how?
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In this next video Chris talks about how to get clarity.

Chris said that in order to get clarity, you have to honestly answer four questions:

  • 1. Where have I been?
  • 2. What have I done? (well, marginally, not well)
  • 3. Where am I today? (context today)
  • 4. What is it that I want?

Take a moment to reflect on those four questions. Write a brief summary of your reflection below.
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Chris also noted four distinct benefits of clarity:

  • 1. People can say "yes" very quickly.
  • 2. You can say no, but gracefully.
  • 3. Clarity breeds confidence. (Can't be confident in the midst of ambiguity.)
  • 4. Establishes a foundation for longevity.

How have you seen these four benefits working in your context? What areas might you improve on, and how might you do that?
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How clear is your vision?