Unleashing the Church featuring Eric Mason

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How can we lead our people to serve beyond the walls, beyond the ministries inside the church and take their faith into a world that desperately needs Christ? This moving illustration inspires us to tear down walls that keep us from living our lives as God leads. 

You can download "Beyond Our Walls" by searching the title, click "Download Illustration" and show it to your church or leadership team as a call to action.

People are hungry to be used by God. Take a look at how Eric Mason mobilizes and equips his church to live on mission where they live and dwell after Sunday worship. Dr. Eric Mason is the Lead Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia and President of Thriving, a ministry dedicated to aiding ethnic minorities to be resourced and trained for ministry to the urban context.

Eric talked about the importance of not compartmentalizing your departments into missions or evangelism or discipleship. He said, "Mission is the responsibility of the entire church."

Is discipleship, evangelism and mission compartmentalized in your church? How are you modeling the mission of your church to the entire church?
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Do the people in your church share the gospel with those who do not know Christ? Do they care that they do not? How are you equipping the people in your church to share the gospel?
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Eric referenced Colossians 4:2-6. Take a moment to read and reflect on the four points Paul prayed: 
  • God may open a door 
  • Proclaim the mystery of Christ clearly 
  • Act with wisdom towards outsiders
  • Conversation be full of grace 
Eric talked about how he weaves those points into his preaching, vision-casting and mission statement each year.

What would your people say is the message you preach and the vision you cast?
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Did Eric say anything that causes you to rethink or refocus your mission or message and how you can unleash your church?
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The church was called to be dynamic and people who change the world will not be stopped.We have the responsibility to equip and lead others on mission outside the walls of the church.