2 - Couples Pursuing Career and Family

Session 2

In session one, Bonnie talked about how important it is to be a supportive spouse, especially when it comes to contributing to home responsibilities. In Session two, Bonnie will talk more about supportive spouses, and how a couple can effectively pursue career while remaining invested in their family.

Pursuing a career while having a family can be difficult, but when both spouses are pursuing full-time careers while having a family, it can be down right stressful. Communicating about contribution and expectations can be a major help for couples juggling both family and work.

Taking care of a family and a household requires a lot of effort on everyone's part. What responsibilities can you take on more often in this season?
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How can you best support your spouse in this season of their career? What can you do differently that could help him or her to reach his or her best potential?
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Why is communication so important for a family with two working parents? How can communication be the key to allowing both careers to flourish?
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Sometimes there might be sacrifices that need to be made when spouses both have careers. There will be days of frustration but, in the end, we can find a rhythm that works when we have proper expectations. 

During your prayer time this week, take some time to reflect on your household. Think of some ways you can contribute to your family differently. Be prayerful about how you can support your spouse more intentionally this week as well.