1 - Supportive Spouses

Session 1

It’s great to have someone beside you to experience life with and support through all their life endeavors. Its even greater however, when both parties have an understanding of how crucial their involvement is into the life of their partner and responsibilities of the household. In this first session, Bonnie Wurzbacher, former SVP at the Coca-Cola Company, gives a few reasons why a supportive spouse can have a great affect on you.

Bonnie Wurzbacher is the Chief Resource Development Officer for World Vision, where she brings greater global leadership and cohesion to rescue development in the World Vision partnership. In addition, Bonnie served in senior roles of increasing responsibility during her twenty-eight year career with the Coca-Cola Company. 

With kids, household duties, and busy careers, it can be easy for a marriage to become stagnant or one sided. It's worth it to work toward both individuals helping each other with the all family dynamics and including each other in all the personal areas of life.

Bonnie mentioned that a majority of women with families tend to work all day and come home to plenty of household work to do as well. What is the dynamic like in your household? How do you divide up responsibilities evenly?
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How can a supportive spouse be instrumental in the progress of their partner? Why is support so crucial within a marriage?
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How often do you and your spouse communicate about each other's expectations? What would you like that communication to look like?
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Having a loving and supportive spouse can be the key to staying sane in our busy, stress-filled lives. It is our job to communicate when we feel the weight of work impacting our marriage, and responsibilities at home. When we communicate with our spouse, and hold each other accountable for the multiple responsibilities we share, we will be able to balance our lives much better.