6 - You Can Learn to Say No

Session 6

In session five, Dr. Cloud talked all about connections and why having good connections has a positive affect on our lives. In session six, Dr. Townsend teaches us about boundaries and learning how to say no with confidence. 


For most of us, saying “no” as a child was not an option for us, since we had to do exactly as our parents said. As adults, we’ve allowed that belief to linger and affect our lives in negative ways. No matter what our current situations are, we need to guard our lives and hearts by learning to say no. Fear, discouragement, and toxicity have no place in our lies, and we won’t succeed or reach our goals if we don’t set healthy boundaries and see the word “no” as a positive word.

What did you learn about the importance in saying no? Why is saying no important for our hearts?
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Have you been a good guardian of your heart? What steps can you take to guard your heart and be comfortable saying no when it feels hard?
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What current things, people, or situations in your life are distractions? How can you begin the process of creating a healthy boundary with these things? What should you be saying no to in this season?
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We can't be afraid to address the people and things that distract us from reaching our full potential because it only results in us settling for chaos. This is the only life we have to live and we should strive to guard our hearts aggressively in order to remain mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.