3 - Intimate Conversation

Session 3

In the previous session, Bill and Joyce talked about affection and sexual fulfillment. These two things are important for both people, but since our spouses usually need one less than the other, we have to find a good rhythm that works for our marriages. In session three, we will learn from Bill and Joyce how to have intimate conversations.


Intimate conversations serve a large purpose within our marriage. They allow us to be real and vulnerable, and to connect with each other by expressing our hearts to a person we trust. This only results in positivity, though, when the listener is making a conscious effort to pay attention, and engage.

Bill gave three enemies of good conversation: demands, disrespect, and anger. How have these three things affected past conversations with your spouse? How did they make you feel?
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Why is it important not to dwell on past mistakes your partner has made?
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What distracts you most when your spouse tries to communicate with you? What are some ways you can try to engage more than you have in the past?
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If you’re going to meet any of the other emotional needs of your spouse, communication has to be involved. Therefore, becoming familiar with how to have intimate conversations is key and will help in the long run. When we don’t talk to each other, we're eventually driven apart by outside issues.