11 - Mission-Conscious


In the previous session, we learned about intentionality, and why making specified efforts to plan and maximize our time is key in being a good team player. In session eleven, John will explain what it means to be mission-conscious and how it closely relates to intentionality.


A good mission will bring the clarity you need to continually move forward. It effects everyone's ability to stay on the same page, and also streamlines our efforts and energy so that our direction and path is set and correct.

Principle #3 says that your mission should be based on:

1. Your calling.
2. Your giftedness.
3. Your opportunities.
4. Your skills.

Is your mission currently based on these four things? What could you rearrange in order to have these four?
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Many organizations have adopted slogans and placed them on the building walls to inspire people, but the slogan isn’t present in the culture of the organization. Is your mission statement on the wall or in the culture?
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How can you apply the three main principles of this session to your life at work?
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Being mission-conscious will help you stay on the right path and keep the big picture at your finger tips.  It is our mission that defines our team significance, and meaning. How can you re-evaluate your mission this week?