6 - Dependable


In the previous session, we learned how important it is for a team to have competent members. In this session,  John discusses the quality of being dependable. 


We all know what its like to feel hurt when we were depending on something to happen and it doesn’t. This feeling of disappointment can be even worse when someone we depend on is unreliable. 

The same goes for us. If people can’t count on us, it doesn’t matter how gifted we are. We can’t truly be a good team player, if our actions—or lack thereof—have made us unreliable. 

What was your definition of dependability before this session? How has it changed, if it has?
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John said that being dependable starts with the small things, like being careful about what you put on your plate. What things have you agreed to do that might have had a negative impact on your dependability? How did putting too much on your plate affect the team?
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Do you have someone that holds you accountable at work? Do you hold other team members accountable for their duties?
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There's no point in having the gifts that God has given you if you never show up in the proper place to use them. In the same way, our dependability is not just about showing up, but delivering. As you pray today, ask the Lord to help you say no to anything that can hinder your ability to be dependable for your teammates.