Leading "Amazing Grace" Youth Bible Study featuring Francis Chan

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You can find the Amazing Grace series exclusively in your RightNow Media Bible Study Library. Direct link: RightNowMedia.org/Media/Series/2290

How could God love me? Don't you have to do something to earn God's love? does grace mean I can do anything I want? Those are the questions students are asking. Students have a hard time fully embracing the unique and unparalleled message of the gospel in Jesus Christ.

It does seem too amazing to be true!

The Amazing Grace series has four challenging sessions where ordinary students share their won struggles and triumphs in coming to terms with God's grace in their lives. Check out an example of one of the real-life stories that will be featured in Amazing Grace. Mike talks about how he ran away after feeling like a failure and disappointment to his parents in his deceit. 

As a leader of students, you have an awesome responsibility. Do you know any students like Mike, who feel like they can't be forgiven for their sins? Who in your group takes forgiveness for granted and continues down the same path? Are there students on the fringe who you could reach out to as you start this Bible study?

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In each of the four sessions, Francis Chan will provide powerful teaching from Scripture to help teens understand God's amazing gift of grace, the relationship between race and works, why grace doesn't mean you should keep sinning, and how grace should impact your purpose in life.

Francis is a nationally-recognized speaker and author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God. Listen as he gives us guidance and inspiration on how to teach students about grace. 

Francis talked about having respect for the Bible because the Word of God is the proof for what we are teaching. Are your students seeing that proof in you? Are you authentic with your students? How are you modeling God's grace in your own life? How are you modeling it to them?
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Francis had an urgency when talking about students who may not understand the grace of God and may not really love God. He said it is a difficult battle to know when to encourage struggling students and when to confront them. How have you been able to help your students in their struggle with sin and grace? How are you coming alongside them?
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To help you teach, you will use downloadable Leader's Guide and group handouts available online to dig deep into powerful teaching from the video. Take some time in advance to consider the Bible study questions and come up with personal examples to encourage discussion with your students.

As you prepare to lead this Bible study, are there any ways I can pray for you or help you facilitate?
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Before you go, take a look at an overview of the Amazing Grace series in this trailer. You will be streaming this series from RightNowMedia.org. Thank you for the work you are doing. It truly will impact generations to come.

Amazing Grace: RightNowMedia.org/Media/Series/2290

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