The Power of Purpose

2017 Chicago Work as Worship Conference

Work might seem aimless at times. We plug in numbers, schedule appointments, and hold meetings so often we can lose sight of the reason we work. God has given each of us a purpose to live for, and that purpose can have a profound influence on us. In this 33-minute session, Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne’s, speaks about how her purpose shaped her personal and professional life. 

Anne Beiler founded Auntie Anne's in 1987 to support the vision to offer free counseling services in their community. Anne is among an elite group of women who have founded national companies in America, and is one of an even smaller number who have owned an international franchise company. In 2005, she sold Auntie Anne's and authored Twist of Faith.

Anne shared some of her journey that brought her to creating Auntie Anne’s. She grew up Amish, lost a daughter, and experience abuse. She said remembering her story reminds her of God’s grace in her life.

What brought you to the job you have now? What’s been your story so far?
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How do you see God’s grace at work in your story?
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Anne said God has a purpose for each of us. We’re called to fulfill the purpose God created for us to do. How would you define your purpose? How does that purpose apply to your job?
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Anne talked about how she didn’t have the three things everyone thinks you need to start a business: education, capital, and a business plan. What she did have was a purpose, a produce, and people.  

Anne talked about how we waste time wishing for the things we don’t have. What resources, talents, or gifts do you feel you might lack, in terms of your job? Why do you wish you had those things?
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What do you have working to your advantage in your career? How has God used those things so far?
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Anne encouraged us to focus on what we have because what we have is better than what we don’t have. When we choose to set our minds on our purpose, it will give us:
  • Power to overcome obstacles.
  • Passion that’s unbelievable.
  • Position of influence.  

What are you passionate about, in terms of your job? How could you use that passion to influence others?
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Anne mentioned that she realized as a leader, she needed to grow. Where do you see room for growth in your life?
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How could you apply the principles from Anne’s talk to your life this week? What would it look like to live out your purpose?
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You have a God-given purpose. In your job, God can use you in incredible ways you haven’t even imagined yet. Ask God to reveal His purpose for you this week. Allow your purpose to fuel you as you go to work and influence others. 

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