How to Inspire Employees

Learn What Motivates

A leader can make or break employees’ motivation. A good boss knows what inspires people to action and what practices to avoid. Nathan Sheets, Founder and President of Nature Nate’s, shares the ways he’s learned to inspire his employees. 

Nathan Sheets is a founder and President of Nature Nate's, a company specializing in raw and unfiltered honey, honey syrups, and bee-related products. Nature Nate's is growing to be nationally-recognized brand, sold in major retail stores like Walmart and Costco. The company is based in McKinney, TX, but has operations in Northern California and Georgia as well. 

Nathan said he tries to give his employees perspective. He points them to eternity and reminds them of what truly matters in the long run. Another way his company strives to inspire employees is through addressing their needs before giving away profits to other organizations. 

What do you think about Nathan’s approach to motivating his employees? Is his method achievable in your organization? Why or why not?
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How do you motivate the people you lead? What seems to be the best motivator?
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Nathan spoke about tending to the needs of his employees. How have you addressed the needs of the people in your company? What programs are in place to help those in need in the organization?
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How might meeting practical needs motivate employees to work hard with excellence?
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What could you do this week to motivate the people you lead? What could you do or say to inspire your employees?
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Great leaders know how to inspire employees. As you motivate your employees this week, take note of what works and doesn’t. Make adjustments as you go, remembering that some people are motivated differently than others. Find a method that works best for your team. 

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