How to Navigate Growth

Lead Through Change

Companies rarely look the same after five or ten years. Change is a byproduct of growth and leaders need to know how to navigate it. Nathan Sheets, founder and President of Nature Nate’s, shares the journey he’s been on with his company. He began working out of a home office and how has over 90 employees in multiple states. He speaks about how he learned to adjust to company growth.

Nathan Sheets is a Founder and President of Nature Nate's, a company specializing in raw and unfiltered honey, honey syrups, and bee-related products. Nature Nate's is growing to be nationally-recognized brand, sold in major retail stores like Walmart and Costco. The company is based in McKinney, TX, but has operations in Northern California and Georgia as well.

Listen as Nathan shares the story behind Nature Nate’s.

Nature Nate’s has grown from a small, family-operated business to a multi-location operation with a well-known brand. Listen to how Nathan navigated the change from a small organization to a company with over 90 employees. 

Growth often requires change—especially in business. Challenges in logistics, operations, and organization are bound to happen. Instead of resisting change, leaders can put practices in place that promote the culture of the company and continued growth.  

Nature Nate’s has grown over the years, but the company stays true to its Christian roots. What resonates with you from Nathan’s story? Why?
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How has your organization experienced growth over the past several years? In your opinion, what has been difficult about the transition? What has been done well?
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Nathan said the way an organization handles growth is determined by the leadership. How have the leaders in your company helped cultivate growth?
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Especially with multi-location companies, translating the culture across city, state, or international borders is key. What are the essential elements of your company culture? How do you communicate those values to other branches of the organization?
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Nathan said if leaders are vocal about the values and culture of the company, it leads to accountability. How have you seen that principle as true in your work experience?
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What are some practical ways you can communicate the culture of your company to the people you lead this week?
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Whether you’re in a time of growth or not, communicating values and company culture matters to the organization. Clear communication will serve you, your employees, and your company well. When change occurs, go back to the essential elements of your company—the things your organization values most—and put them at the forefront of every decision.

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