Work Not Wasted

Always an Opportunity to Learn

Even the seemingly meaningless jobs have a purpose. Through the work we do, we build up endurance, patience, and work ethic. Kim Kuo, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola Consolidated, examines her career to show what she’s learned in the jobs she’s had. 

Kim Kuo is the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola Consolidated, the nation’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, operating primarily in the southeast. Kim has more than 22 years of communications and marketing experience at the highest levels of politics, government, corporations, and technology start-ups. 

Kim said her past jobs prepared her for the executive position she currently holds. Even though she had jobs that seemed meaningless, she can look back on them and see how she grew from them. Every job presents an opportunity to learn and grow.  

What sorts of jobs have you had in your career? How have the skills developed at those jobs contributed to what you’re doing now?
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Kim shared that she’s made the most of every opportunity and see them as a chance to learn. What do you think you’re learning in your current job?
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How has Kim’s perspective shape the way you think about the job you’re in right now?
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The time you spend at any job isn’t wasted. You can learn and develop your skills in any line of work. As you go about your week, look for ways you’re growing in the job you’re in. As doors open, walk through and make the most of every opportunity.