Mentor Young Leaders

Invest in the Next Generation

 The best leaders multiply—they raise up new leaders. The upcoming generation of leaders is looking to those in charge for guidance, wisdom, and growth. Kim Kuo, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola Consolidated, explains what it means to pour into young leaders. 

Kim Kuo is the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Coca-Cola Consolidated, the nation’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, operating primarily in the southeast. Kim has more than 22 years of communications and marketing experience at the highest levels of politics, government, corporations, and technology start-ups.

Kim credits the mentors in her life for the growth she experienced early on in her career. She craved experience and wisdom from others. She uses her experience to pour into young leaders who are eager to develop in their profession. 

Who has mentored you throughout your career? Who are some of the most influential people in your life? How do they influence you?
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Kim talked about how she tries to be a mentor for younger professionals. She teaches them principles of leadership and shares lessons she’s learned throughout her career. What could you pass on to the next generation of leaders? What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned and could share with others?
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Kim shared that she doesn’t look for a certain pedigree in a mentee. She looks for good character. What do you look for in someone to mentor? Why are those things important to you?
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Who—from your work, church, or community—could you invest in this week?
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Working with upcoming leaders can yield a great reward. As new leaders learn to work hard and build character, they will grow into the next CEOs, board members, or politicians. Take the time to invest in a few people younger than you. Teach them what you’ve learned in the business world. Let them ask questions. Offer advice. And watch them learn, grow, and thrive.