Encouragement for Youth Workers from Francis Chan

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You have taken on quite an awesome task to guide your students on their spiritual journey. Students today are struggling against the culture, against stereotypes, and against their unpredictable emotions as they try to find their identity in Christ. Do you ever doubt that your time and teaching are making a difference? 

In this post, Francis Chan, a nationally-recognized speaker and the best-selling author of Crazy Love and Forgotten God offers some personal reflections about ministry and validation for what you do. 

But before we hear from Francis, take a look at this funny video. In order to get his students excited about serving the community, one clever youth pastor decided to hire a mascot.

Humor is a great way to break the ice and make a point. You can download "Youth Group Mascot: Community Outreach" by searching the title, click "Download Illustration" and show it to your students to get them thinking.

We do all sorts of things to engage students and help them walk a meaningful life in a culture-clashing world. Can you share any ideas that have worked with your students?
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Francis Chan is passionate about seeing teens display a much deeper love for Jesus and their neighbors. Listen as he gives encouragement and guidance about the impact we have with students.

Who influenced you the most in high school? Why? Is there something you are using from that relationship as you teach students now?
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Francis talked about not being discouraged about the students that fall away, but how we can be encouraged by those teens we can pour our lives into. Take a moment to pray for the students in your group.

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Francis said that our job is just to be faithful because God will bring back the words that we say at the right time. Take a look at this real-life story. Shelby was drifting away from God until some specific teaching helped turn things around.

Thank you for being faithful! You are multiplying yourself in the lives of the next generation. Your time, effort, laughter and tears as you pour your life into your students is pointing students towards Jesus. 
Please let me know any way I can encourage, support and pray for you.

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