7 - Find Balance

Finding Balance

"Without God, there is no balance. It's just a big exercise in rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." In the final part of this course, Patrick shares about finding balance in life. Though we may be juggling work, marriage, parenting, and faith, when we are fully ourselves in each context of our lives, and keep prayer as our lifeline, we can experience balance. 

Balance is fully living life in every regard without distinction. 

Consider your life. Would you call it balanced? What is currently off-balance?
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Do you have the tendency to compartmentalize the areas of your life? Do you separate work from faith from family?
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Patrick talked about not turning one spigot on and the other off, but rather, always “being me” in any context of life, whether at work or at home. 

Are you fully yourself in every context? Why or why not? In what ways do you think you change or modify yourself to fit the given surroundings?
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Patrick emphasized the importance of prayer. When we remain connected to our source of life, dependent upon Him for help, we are better positioned to have a balanced life. 

How is your prayer life? Are you remaining connected to the source? How does your life reflect your current prayer reality?
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Are you getting enough sleep? Why or why not? How could you make more time to attend to your physical health? What is the benefit of prioritizing your physical needs?
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Balance is possible. When we stay dependent upon the Lord and fully live in each area of our lives, we find balance.  

You can help your company thrive. When you define the organization’s purpose, use creative ways to institutionalize your culture, establish purposeful meetings, and find balance as a leader, your organization will be set up for vibrant health.