3 - Creative Structures

Be Innovative

In the last session, Patrick emphasized the importance of institutionalizing a culture without bureaucratizing it. In an effort to instill company values within a work culture, sometimes, without even realizing it, we incorporate ideas from larger, bureaucratized organizations. In part three of the course, Patrick encourages organizations to be innovative and find creative ways to institutionalize values.  

Sometimes, it’s best to forget what we learned at a larger organization! Find new and creative ways to institutionalize the company’s values.  

What strategies have you attempted to use from a larger organization? In what ways have these strategies hindered the culture of the smaller company?
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Patrick encouraged us to build off a company’s uniqueness. What are some unique characteristics and qualities about your company? How could these shape the direction of the structures put in place?
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If you were to imagine the most out-of-the-box, “irresponsible,” innovative strategies for implementing procedures and structures, what would they be? Think down the line. How could these be effectively put into place? What might be the benefit that results from thinking creatively?
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The best way to institutionalize a company’s culture is to utilize its unique characteristics and qualities to help implement procedures. In the next section of the course, we will examine practical strategies to keep meetings engaging.