How to Balance Family and Work

Prioritize Commitments

Managing our schedules can sometimes feel like trying to carry too many groceries from the car to the kitchen. How can we balance work and home when life is hectic? Wendy Davidson, President of U.S. Specialty Channels at the Kellogg Company, draws principles from her own experience to teach how to balance busy schedules.  

Wendy Davidson is the President of U.S. Specialty Channels at the Kellogg Company. Previously, Wendy held executive leadership roles with McCormick & Company and Tyson Foods.  She was named to NW Arkansas Business Journal’s "40 under 40" in 2004, "Diamond Decade" in 2006, and received the Luminary Award in 2016 from Girl Scouts of Chicago and NW Indiana.

Everyone balances their family and work differently. Wendy admitted the way she handles her schedule might look different from day to day. One way that worked well for her family was prioritizing with her kids the activities that were most important to them.

What does your work and family schedule look like right now? Would you say it feels hectic or balanced? Why?
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If you have kids, what might it look like to do what Wendy’s family did and prioritize commitments? How might your children respond? If you don’t have kids, how might that model work with your spouse or extended family?
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Are there any personal or work-related commitments you could say “no” to in order to make more time for your family? What would it take to say “no” to those things? Who could you delegate those tasks to?
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What could you do this week to achieve more balance between your family and work?
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Family and work will always be there. How you navigate your schedule can produce positive results for both your family and your job. This week, sit down with your family and map out your schedules. Find activities for the whole family to do together. Prioritize certain events over others, and try the same at work.