Faith and Work are Inseparable

Same Person Everywhere

Divorce isn't an option when it comes to faith and work. If our faith is truly integral to who we are, we have to let it impact our work. Wendy Davidson, President of U.S. Specialty Channels at the Kellogg Company, explains why we cannot separate faith and work and shares one way she strengthens her faith.

Wendy Davidson is the President of U.S. Specialty Channels at the Kellogg Company. Previously, Wendy held executive leadership roles with McCormick & Company and Tyson Foods.  She was named to NW Arkansas Business Journal’s "40 under 40" in 2004, "Diamond Decade" in 2006, and received the Luminary Award in 2016 from Girl Scouts of Chicago and NW Indiana.

Your faith shapes who you are. It’s impossible to separate your work from your faith and remain true to yourself. Wendy said we should be the same person everywhere and teach those we work with to do the same. 

How has your faith in God changed the way you approach work?
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How do you model your faith at work? What do you do that’s different? What do you say?
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How could you encourage others to be their true selves at work? What sorts of questions could you ask?
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As people feel free to be themselves around you, you will run into people who don’t agree with what you believe about God. In those moments, it’s good to be prepared. Listen to Wendy explain how we can expand our understanding of different beliefs and viewpoints. 

Wendy reads widely in order to broaden her view of the world. She looks for books that talk about her industry, share perspectives on faith, and explain how to live the Christian life. As she reads more, her faith matures and she’s able to relate to people better.  

How has reading influenced your view of the world? What books have been the most critical in shaping your understanding of people who think differently than you?
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How else—besides reading—could you develop your understanding of God and people?
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What could you do this week to share your faith at work? How could you push yourself to understand a different perspective this week?
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Believing in Jesus transforms every part of your life. This week, dare to be bold about your faith at work. Share the gospel with a coworker, serve your boss, or pray before your meal in the lunchroom. Ask the people you work with what they think about their faith. Listen to their point of view and share truth with them in love.