Raise Up Leaders

Look for Strengths

It's tempting to think leadership development is all about how we can grow. But, a great leader knows to build up those he or she leads. Jon Gordon, speaker, author and founder of The Jon Gordon Companies, explains what it means to pull out the greatness in others and invest in up-and-coming leaders.

Jon Gordon is a speaker, author and founder of The Jon Gordon Companies a consulting company that is passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams. He has written The No Complaining RuleTraining CampThe Shark and The GoldfishSoupThe SeedThe Positive Dog, and Wall Street Journal bestseller The Energy Bus.  

Good leaders know to look beyond themselves to the people they lead. Leaders observe the strengths of others and choose to build up those strengths. As employees take on more responsibility, leaders support, correct, and encourage them.

What would you say are some of your strengths? How did you find out those were your strong suits?
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The hardest part about finding the greatness in others is looking past ourselves. What helps you look beyond yourself to see the greatness in your employees?
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If you discover a strength in an employee, what do you do to encourage them to grow in that characteristic? How do you provide opportunities for development?
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As you seek the greatness in other people, you will begin to notice certain employees who have the potential to rise to leadership. When you identify those upcoming leaders, you can choose to mentor them. Listen to what Jon has to say about mentorship.

Who are the rising leaders at your company? What strengths do they have?
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Jon spoke about how he develops the leaders around him. How do support rising leaders in your organization?
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Think of one of your employees who has great potential for growth. How could you inspire them this week? What strengths of theirs could you point out?
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Leaders look beyond themselves to build up the next generation of leaders. They find strengths, encourage, and challenge new leaders to grow. Come up with some ways you can build up the upcoming leaders in your organization—whether through formal mentorship or casual talks over coffee. Multiply your leadership by investing in others.

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