Why Listen?

Listening Communicates Care

There’s nothing worse than being unheard. It can make you feel forgotten, powerless, or unimportant. Good leaders know to listen to their employees. Jon Gordon, speaker, author and founder of The Jon Gordon Companies, explains how leaders can practice listening in the workplace.

Jon Gordon is a speaker, author and founder of The Jon Gordon Companies a consulting company that is passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams. He has written The No Complaining RuleTraining CampThe Shark and The GoldfishSoupThe SeedThe Positive Dog, and Wall Street Journal bestseller The Energy Bus.  

When a leader listens to an employee, it communicates care. But listening takes work—sometimes you have to seek out opportunities to listen and you might not always like what you hear. Choosing to listen marks contagious leaders.

How would you describe your leadership style? Would you say it’s marked by listening? Why or why not?
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Jon mentioned that every leader has a caring trademark, or a signature way he or she communicates care. What do you think is your caring trademark? Why do you think that is?
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Jon listed off several questions to start conversations at work. What questions do you ask of your employees? Which of Jon’s questions could you try out this week?
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In what ways could you listen to your employees this week? What topics could you ask them about to spark conversation?
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Leaders who listen prove they care for employees. As you go about your workweek, slow down enough to listen to your colleagues. Ask questions about their projects and see if there’s a way you can encourage them. 

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