What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Invite God In

We all lead in certain areas of our lives and that leadership will leave behind a legacy. Will yours be one that encourages faith? Brett Biggs, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Walmart shares how he has sought to leave a legacy that offers a positive future for his family as well as his work.

Brett Biggs is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Walmart where he is responsible for accounting and control, corporate strategy and development, business planning and analysis, internal auditing, treasury, tax, global shared services and several other key areas of the company.

What kind of legacy do you desire to leave behind with your family? What about your workplace?
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What practices do you have in place to contribute to a legacy of faith among those you lead? How do you seek to instill in them principles of faith?
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What could you change about your weekly routine to better serve your goals of leaving behind a legacy of faith? How could your conversations change with your family? What about work?
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Where does God fit into your plans? In what ways do you depend on Him to use you for His purposes in the lives of those you lead?
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Leaving behind a legacy of faith requires a lifetime of work and commitment. It also takes a dependent submission to God. Take some time to reflect on how you interact with your family at the people in your workplace. Look for areas where you can be more intentional and take advantages of those in the days ahead.

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