Focus on the Goal

Look Ahead

Roadblocks pop up when we least expect it. In business, we face the daily demands of clients, changes in leadership, and shifts revenue. Bryant Ambelang, President and CEO of NatureSweet, encourages leaders to focus on longterm goals rather than stumbling over everyday tasks. 

Bryant is the President and CEO of NatureSweet, Ltd., the largest greenhouse producer of tomatoes in North America. Currently, NatureSweet operates seven facilities—six in Mexico and one in the U.S.—and pursues its mission of "unleashing the power of people" through a vertically integrated production model that offers full-time direct employment to over 8,000 associates.  

If a leader lacks focus, an organization can lose vision. Leaders carry the responsibility to remain focused no matter what. Bryant spoke about some of the things that come up at his company that have the potential to distract him from the main goal. 

Bryant listed some of the big questions his company wrestles with. What big questions are you asking at your company?
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What is your vision for the future of your company? What goals have you set for your organization? How often do you think about your vision and goals?
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Sometimes everyday work issues can blind us to the broader goals of the company. What tends to distract you from the main goal?
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There has to be a balance between addressing everyday problems and staying focused on the bigger picture. How do you stay focused on the company’s goals while dealing with everyday tasks?
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What could you do this week to reset your focus on your vision and goals for the company?
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A lack of focus in a leader does not often bode well for an organization. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by what has to get done each day, maintain focus on what’s ahead. Work through everything that needs to be addressed, but remind yourself of the vision and goals you’ve established for your company. 

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